Script is a business partner, not a marketing vendor.

We build long-term relationships with our clients and earn their trust through success – over and over again – by understanding the high-end home product and service industry and communicating with affluent buyers.  

At Script, we’ve spent years developing a marketing process that works for high-end home product and service businesses and their affluent buyers.

While each business is unique, these companies often share many similarities: 

Script Marketing team members sitting around a conference table discussing plans for building product industries clients.


You target affluent retail and wholesale buyers.


You work with sales representatives – either your own or outsourced.


Your ideal customers include builders, architects, designers, contractors, distributors, & dealers, plus affluent homeowners.


Your sales cycles can be 3 months or more.

Script has two programs tailored to high-end home product and service companies who want to get their products into the consideration set of affluent buyers.

What do we mean by affluent buyers?

We mean individuals with disposable income who are less affected by fluctuations in the economy, take less time to close, and are generally a much more stable client base. That’s who we’ve spent years learning about, because they are the ideal target for businesses like yours. 

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