We’ll eliminate roadblocks to get your high-end product or service into the consideration set of affluent buyers.

At Script, we understand the unique needs of luxury home product and service businesses and the affluent buyers they target. And we’re highly adept at working with them to generate leads and increase the bottom line through our Affluent Buyer Selling System.

But we know that jumping into that system headfirst isn’t the right fit for most brands at the beginning. After all – you typically want to date before getting married. So we created a 90-day intro into the system – our Affluent Buyer Jump Start.  

It gives you a short path to revenue by generating quality end user leads. It doesn’t promise to solve ALL your problems at once, but it does give you a defined strategy and direction that you can easily build on down the road. 

Script Marketing team members sitting around a conference table discussing plans for building product industries clients.

Quality over Quantity

Quality leads are more profitable. When you are attracting the RIGHT leads for your business, those leads take less time to nurture and close and are generally more efficient and profitable.   

A huge quantity of wrong-fit leads – trying to attract anyone and everyone – takes a ton of time and money, resulting in a lower close rate, frustrated, burned out sales reps, and a lack of marketing focus.  

Guaranteed Outcomes

At the end of 90 days, you will have:  

  1. Proven direction and strategy of what to do now, and what to wait on. We know we can’t solve every problem at once, so you get a short path to revenue.  
  2. Laser focus on the absolute right buyer for your products. 
  3. Quality leads that close faster. You’ll stop wasting time on leads that don’t materialize.  

How We’ll Get it Done

We’re a team of industry experts with a deep knowledge of targeting the RIGHT affluent buyers for your business. We’re laser focused on your end goal – increased revenue.

We stay up to date on changes in technology, products and more. You save money because you’re getting a team that’s less expensive than hiring in-house, AND we’re making you more profitable. We’ll go through the brass tacks with you to show you the shortest path to revenue in 90 days.

Ready to learn more? We’d love to speak with you to determine if our Affluent Buyer Jump Start is a good fit for your business.

Need something more comprehensive? Our Affluent Buyer Selling System may be for you.

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