Affluent buyers are stable, have a higher lifetime value, and are easier to close.

Affluent buyers are individuals with disposable income who are less affected by fluctuations in the economy, take less time to close, and are generally a much more stable client base. That’s who we’ve spent years learning about, because they are the ideal target for businesses like yours. 

Our Affluent Buyer Selling System is a complete, end-to-end blueprint for identifying your target buyers, whether those are end users, builders, wholesalers or all of the above, and generating demand for your products.   

It is a comprehensive, long-term engagement in which we work with you to increase sales for maximum return on investment. 

Script Marketing team members standing around a conference table discussing marketing materials for building product industry clients.

The Affluent Buyer Selling System

We’ve developed a process for understanding your business and helping you reach your goals:

During the planning and learning phase, we get to know you and your business and set you up for success.


We ensure we have all the tools and access we need to get to work for you. We introduce you to your dedicated team, and provide you with a timeline and access to our online review portal.

Business Understanding

We work to have a deep understanding of your business – what attracts affluent buyers to your product? What are your products’ unique selling propositions? How are your sales reps working with potential customers?  


We examine your existing assets – your marketing, website, and brand – to gauge what’s worked and what hasn’t, understand why, and begin to craft your tailored plan.

During the Build phase, we construct the pieces of the puzzle to get you noticed by affluent buyers. These vary per client, but are all part of our comprehensive strategy to achieve your goals. 

The Build phase is more than simply setting up paid ads or creating a content calendar. During the Build phase, we are putting our years of industry and marketing knowledge to work as we home in on the ideal strategies for YOU.  

During the Build phase, we are performing in-depth keyword research, audience building, analytics tracking, budgeting, ad funnel planning, KPI determination, list building, and creative asset design. While the Build phase differs for each client, most clients are set up with: 

Google Ads • Meta Ads • Pinterest Ads • Linkedin Ads • Search Engine Optimization • Email Marketing • Paid Industry Publication Ads • Various Promotion Development • Organic Social MediaContent Marketing 

The Grow phase brings everything together. During the Grow phase, we are measuring efforts, adjusting, and planning for the future. We engage in strategic content planning and creation as well as ongoing marketing efforts and measurements to determine ROI and ROAS.

During the Grow phase, we are optimizing your paid ads, executing promotions, strategizing and creating content, managing your website, and tracking and monitoring analytics and leads. We also may adjust our efforts during the Grow phase depending on performance and new offerings.

The Grow phase is ongoing for the duration of our engagement.

Ready to get started?

Looking for a short-term way to engage with us to test the waters? Our Affluent Buyer Jump Start may be for you!

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